This list is for my client’s convenience and does not serve as an endorsement by either me or Delap Real Estate.

Kathryn Bridges, RS, Montague 413-548-6224

Lisa Danek-Burke, RS, LDB Engineering, Rowe 413-339-4044

Roland Dupuis, PE, D3 Engineering, Florence 413-586-2293

Huntley Associates, PE, Northampton, 413-584-7444

Shawn Kimberley, PE, S.K. Kimberley Engineering, Colrain 413-624-9621

Peter LaBarbera, RS, Environmental Planning Associates, South Deerfield 413-665-7903

Tom Leue, RS, Homestead Inc., Ashfield 413-628-4533

Douglas MacLeay, PE, MacLeay Engineering, Colrain 413-624-3718, 413-325-5538 (cell)

Tim Maginnis, RS, Westhampton 413-527-5291

Barry Searle, RS, Worthington 413-238-0446

Bill Sieruta, PE, Leverett 413-549-1817

Mark Thompson, RS, Hilltown Environmental, Chesterfield 413-296-4499

Dave Vreeland, PE, Vreeland Design Associates, Leyden 413- 624-0126

Alan Weiss, RS, Cold Spring Environmental, Belchertown 413-323-5957


The initials RS and PE refer to Registered Sanitarian and Professional Engineer, licensed by the State of Massachusetts. Septic System plans must be signed and sealed by either an RS or a PE. Any RS or PE licensed in Mass can design septic systems. Residential homes have a design flow of 110 gallons per day per bedroom (4 bedroom = 440 gallons per day). An RS can only design systems with a flow of less than 2000 gallons per day. A PE can design any size system. * This list is alphabetical. Inclusion on this list does not represent an endorsement by either the local BOH or the CPHS/FRCOG. Other designers can be found in the yellow pages or on the Web. Exclusion from this list signifies nothing